My most recent visit to Ardtornish Gardens

Early November, 2018. This visit was one of tidying everything, updating records and information sheets as I have decided to hand over all the physical work to others. I love working in the garden but there comes a time...or an age! I hope to still visit Ardtornish every now and then and will always be available to help. I also hope to receive a few pictures and some information every now and then so I can let you know what is happening in the garden. As usual, Allan has kept the garden looking good and the lawns tidy.

Trees. Many of the trees have shed their leaves though there are still some lovely colours on show. Now is the time to appreciate the shape of the trees and there are still plenty evergreens to see. One of the best for autumn colour is the Paperbark Maple by the Drive.

Shrubs. The papery flowers of hydrangeas fade gracefully into winter. When it comes to value for money, they can't be beat and some of them have leaves which turn red in autumn. There is a lovely old Viburnum bodnantense Dawn at Craigendarroch and I think there should be lots of it in the grounds. Masses of fragrant flowers at this time of year.

Nerine Throne

Throne is one of several fine structures carved by Mr Partridge using wood from the garden..

Nerines do quite well in the borders. I prefer the white one but anything that flowers this late is welcome.

Chinese Gentian Fungi

Fungi very much add to the garden in autumn with attractive shapes and colours. Mosses and liverworts too. There are areas where we remove everything that is not a moss, so good do they look.

Chinese Gentians I found a record of these growing in this spot in the 1930s and decided to reintroduce them. They will need replacing every few years but I feel the little effort involved is worth it.

"The Ardtornish Garden" by Faith Raven includes a short history of the Garden, with photographs of the people who have owned it and of the people who have worked in it and of the plants they grew. It describes the changing colours of the seasons in the Garden and how the work of the gardener has to fit in with the difficulties of the climate. Take a tour of the Garden using the detailed maps and see some of the best view points and the most interesting plantings.
Priced £10 plus £2.60 p&p.   "The Ardtornish Garden"

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