My most recent visit to Ardtornish Gardens

20th June, 2019. Just a brief trip to see how the garden is doing and to meet friends. The lawns are benefitting from the good weather this year and from Allan's care and attention. The garden is very colourful with many plants flowering at the moment.

Trees. Many trees are at their best when the leaves are newly unfurled or when the leaves colour in autumn. Magnolias are stunning, Handkerchief Trees too but Embothrium coccineum, the Chilean Fire Tree catches the eye most of all.

Shrubs. Later rhododendrons and azaleas are flowering and some are very fragrant. Roses too though the species roses tend not to have much scent (at least the ones grown here). The Lantern Tree, Crinodendron hookerianum does well here and is frequently asked about by visitors. I really like Cornus kousa and would like to see more in the garden.

Wild Flower Meadow Rhododendron fortunei

I think this is Rhododendron fortunei. It is free-flowering and very fragrant.

Wild Flower Meadow Allan spent ages preparing the ground and sowing this meadow and it is, for me, one of the garden highlights. Lots of Ox-eye Daisies

Embothrium coccineum Path

Path leading up to Mandy's Pond. There are many paths in the garden and visitors are welcome to wander where they wish. This one goes under 2 large rhododendrons, Grenadier and Tally Ho

Embothrium coccineum is always commented on by visitors. There are many in the garden and some of them produce suckers which can be lifted and will start flowering in a few years. I was told it was pollinated by humming birds so, unsurprisingly, it doesn't usually set seed!

"The Ardtornish Garden" by Faith Raven includes a short history of the Garden, with photographs of the people who have owned it and of the people who have worked in it and of the plants they grew. It describes the changing colours of the seasons in the Garden and how the work of the gardener has to fit in with the difficulties of the climate. Take a tour of the Garden using the detailed maps and see some of the best view points and the most interesting plantings.
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