The Pond, Ardtornish Gardens

From the Primula Garden, turn right along the lower path after viewing the immense fern-leaved beech on your left. You will pass a planting of Berberis aggregata and the Great White Cherry, Prunus Shirotae, on your left with the highly-scented Rosa rugosa "Blanc Double de Coubert" on the right before crossing the main drive.
Follow the path under the lime trees to the pond which is notable for the skunk cabbages which line the bank and for the two mature "Young’s Weeping Birches". Another notable feature of the pond is the lack of water which has little to do with the climate - the level was reduced to prevent the lawn becoming saturated. It would be good to reinstate the pond with a liner.

Skunk Cabbage with Young’s Weeping Birches in the background

Skunk cabbage from North America has an interesting but not unpleasant scent despite it’s name. The leaves become very large and need a copious supply of water to develop fully. The plant self-seeds a bit too readily here - I have noticed a clump by the boathouse about half a mile away.