The Primula Garden, Ardtornish Gardens

To guide you from the lawn to the lower garden are a pair of futuristic-looking gateposts with stainless steel finials. These were made by John Creed.
Descend the winding "Grandma's Steps" from the lawn and you will come across a very large terracotta pot with nothing in it though it looks quite good unplanted. Were it less tall, it might double as a litter bin.
The steps divide here. To the right, you descend past a hardy old Chusan palm. The left steps take you by the recently cleared and replanted bank which is already beginning to look good. Not everything was cleared and the survivors include Magnolia soulangeana and the purple cut-leaved Japanese maple Acer palmatum dissectum purpureum.

Gunnera manicata

Gunnera manicata in the Primula Garden.
These enormous leaves need a copious supply of water in summer, rarely a problem here. In autumn, just before they die down, the leaves are cut and mounded on the crowns to protect against frost. By spring, the leaves have decayed to a mulch.